New Pictures From Oil Spill Released09-May-2012

Representatives from the NOAA have released photos that have never seen before that show the dev..
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Class Action Settlement to Help Many Gulf Coast Residents06-May-2012

Class Action Settlement to Help Many Gulf Coast Residents and Businesses (
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States Seek to Have Their Day in Court 23-Apr-2012

Individuals were not the only ones affected by the Deepwater Horizon explosion, Gulf Coast State..
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BP under fire12-Apr-2012

BP under fire at turbulent annual meeting. Read article:
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The BP oil spill has affected many Gulf Coast residents and businesses and now BP has agreed to settle claims.  The federal judge overseeing the litigation has given preliminary approval to a class settlement.  The settlement process began on June 4, 2012 and now is the time to act.  BP has estimated that they will have to pay $7.8 billion under this settlement, but this is only an estimate. Under this court-supervised settlement process, BP must pay all claims that qualify and are properly presented, no matter the cost.  We want to make sure BP pays everyone that qualifies.  Our lawyers will help you by determining what are your options under the settlement, how we can maximize your claim for damages, submit your claims for payment, and advocate on your behalf with the court-appointed settlement administrator.  The court has agreed to create a supervised settlement process in which Gulf Coast residence and business owners can be fairly compensated for economic losses and loss of enjoyment caused by the BP oil spill.

Those that have been frustrated in dealing with the GCCF will not have to any longer.  It’s time to let a lawyer fight for your share of the settlement and make sure you are properly compensated for your loss.  There have been non-lawyers making claims for those injured by BP.  Now that the court system has stepped in, you need a lawyer to review your potential settlement.  In order to receive payment under the class action settlement, you will be required to sign a full and final release, which means you will not be able to bring future claims or file a lawsuit against BP for this oil spill.  We highly recommend that you have an attorney review and explain these documents to you, not a claims preparation service or other non-lawyer. 

Even if you have received previous payments from BP and/or the GCCF, you need to contact one of our lawyers today for a free consultation to see if you may be eligible for additional compensation.  We will not be making claims with the GCCF.  We are lawyers and we will be seeking to obtain funds for you under the class settlement.  There is absolutely no charge for a free consultation and if you chose for us to submit a claim on your behalf, you do not have to pay us a fee unless we collect money for you.

IF YOU OWN WATERFRONT PROPERTY CONTACT US NOW TO FILE FOR A SETTLEMENT*.  Call us today or fill out a free evaluation form on this site.

Our attorneys are available to discuss the following types of claims:

*Details concerning waterfront property see waterfront property page.